Do you need to be in your boss’s good books?

With changing times, the corporate culture has also undergone a sea change. As globalization has brought the world closer & the Indian professional has gone places, courtesy his global career, it is time for workplace traditions to usher in a host of changes.

Work standards, ethics & practices – there have been a wave of change across the map of India, Inc. And as change sweeps in, the traditional employee-employer relationship, too, has undergone a metamorphosis. Gone is the image of formality & formidability that over the years has been associated with that of the employer. Instead, in its place, an informal, accessible & easily approachable employer has become a common fixture. Shedding the image of a distant & authoritative superior, the boss has now become more than a friend. For many, the boss has also become a philosopher, guide & mentor, rolled into one. Atleast I look up to him tremendously for his brains & his sensitivity to deal with people. I feel that it is “essential to have a good working rapport with the immediate boss”.

As competition peaks, the corporate world has become the survival of the fittest. With high-stress jobs becoming the order of the day, most professionals are realising that it takes more than simple good work to be able to climb north. Networking, building the right image & trying to portray an image speaking of self-assuredness & confidence have also become important criterion.

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