Cutting Edge Technology Makes Tougher Work Conditions

The world’s smallest PC – targetted at BPO’s, banks & retail chains – places that face a space constraint – promises a bonanza for the bosses but nothing less than a buffeting for the employees.
IBM has come out with the world’s smallest PC, which has the height of a coffee mug, the width of a notebook & height just over that of a tennis ball. Slick, slim & small – it’s the cutting edge of technology. It sure is going to transform a lot of things – & your working conditions for one.

Space In Short Supply: I’m being a technophobe you may say – but let’s take a practical look at most offices today. We are already into the cubicle culture & space is a commodity that’s in short supply. So smaller PC’s that fit into smaller spaces may be perfect – but that saving on space only means more cramming of people.

PC To Human Cramming: One had at least some elbow space to oneself, thanks to the cumbersome pc that one had to accommodate at one’s desk. Now if the PC is going to get smaller & can fit in lesser space – well – we poor humans too will have to squeeze ourselves into smaller cubicle holes. So that translates into tougher working conditions for people working in BPO’s, retail chains, banks, not to mention dot coms, where space is already a constraint.

The New ‘Kissa Kursi Ka’: The old ” yeh mere kursi hai ” looks back to an era of babudom that hardly exists now. Your kursi is yours only as long as you are sitting on it! The moment your arse is off it – it’s taken by the next dude – in for the second shift. Then it’s the next shift – who keep the chair well-occupied till you come in the next day. And you walk in keeping your fingers crossed you get the same comfy chair you had yesterday. Or you come in 10 minutes early to quietly change that rather uncomfortably too high chair of yesterday with that of your neighbour’s. So it’s a game of musical chairs, with the furious ticking of the clock being the only music you’re playing to. It’s an altogether new “kissa kursi ka” now!

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