10 New Year’s Resolutions For Business Success

Introspect daily. Join an NGO. Learn something new. Here are 10 resolutions for 2005 for a better work-life balance…
~ Learn how to delegate – Determine your personal Return on Investment, & delegate accordingly.
~Promote your business -If you want new customers, promotion is a priority. Hire an expert. Make a marketing plan.
~Make planning a weekly event -Planning is vital. So why do it just yearly or quarterly? You’ll feel more focused & relaxed.
~Learn something new -It’ll add a new dimension to your life. You may meet interesting people. Try achieving a healthy work-life balance.
~Join a organization / group -It’ll spark new ideas, refine old ones. You’ll make new contacts. You’ll learn new things.
~Give back to your community -Find a cause that matters to you. Join an NGO. Be a mentor, volunteer, or make regular donations.
~Put time for yourself -“Meet with yourself” daily for some minutes. Introspect. All work & no play results is a recipe for stress.
~Set realistic goals -Realistic Goal setting is a valuable habit. Goals should be measurable. On achievement, reward yourself.
~Don’t make do, get a new one -Is there something lacking – an extra employee, a new PC, that’s stopping your success? Get it, don’t postpone.
~Drop what’s not working -All products aren’t super sellers. If a technique or relationship isn’t working. Move on. Something better will turn up.

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