Love Yourself

Answer this question truthfully. How many times have you told yourself ‘I love you?‘ You’ve probably said this many times to your spouse, parents, children – but have you ever said this to yourself? Probably, never. Ask yourself why? Why do you find it difficult to say these three magical words to yourself? If you cannot love yourself, how will you love others. And the first step to loving yourself is telling yourself loud & clear, “I love you”.

Women may still find it easy to do so, but ask a man to say this to himself & chances are that he’ll squirm and reply: “You think I am a geek.” Does saying ‘I love you’ to yourself take away from a man’s macho qualities? In fact, saying this helps you verbalize your feelings. You have to be your best friend & feel comfortable with yourself. Remember if you love yourself you feel worthy, if your feel worthy you feel competent, & if you feel competent you are ready to love. How do you set off this chain reaction? It’s easy.

Start with your physical appearance: Remember if you look good you feel good. It is probably the most important factor in your self-esteem.

Ask yourself what is it that you do not like about your appearance? Change whatever it is you don’t like about yourself — you haircut or your sense of dressing. Remember the key here is to be comfortable with yourself.

Don’t be a fashion victim: Don’t be led by fashion. Instead wear what suits you. Everybody is not a Sharukh Khan or Aishwarya. You will feel good only if you are comfortable with what you wear.

Think positively : Conquer your negative thoughts. Talk to yourself & tell yourself that there is nothing that you cannot do. Have the right attitude & there will be no stopping you.

Analyze your negative thoughts : Where does your negativity stem from? Jealous colleagues, your boss or even your own mind. Deal with each thought individually & do away with it.

Give yourself 100% attention: Never neglect yourself. Take pride in looking after yourself, dress smartly & comfortably & you will feel on top of the world.

Recognize & deal with destructive behavior: You are your best friend, your worst enemy, & only critic. Take a hard look at yourself. There must be some facet of your behaviour that you do not like. For example, you may be cranky & edgy. Learn to control this & reward yourself each time you manage to curb this behaviour.

Notice yourself: Notice your voice, your choice of words, your manner, & if these are negative & destructive, change them. Meditate: This will help you get in touch get in touch with yourself. Learn to relax.

Eat natural foods: If you eat light you feel more energetic, & in the bargain feel good & happy.

Exercise: Get rid of all the negative energy that you have inside you by exercising.

Say I love you: Finally try to spend atleast 2 minutes everyday with yourself alone standing in front of a mirror looking at yourself & saying, “I know I’m good”, ” I know I can”, ” I love you”. It may be difficult, it may be tough but it can be done. Love yourself, get in touch with your inner self & you will feel worthy, competent & will have better relationships at work & at home.

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