Some things Which I have learned in my life.

We must always begin with our strengths. From the earliest years of our schooling, everyone focuses on what is wrong with us. While it is important for us to know what we are not good at, we must also cherish what is good in us. That is because it is only our strengths that can give us the energy to correct our weaknesses.
A rupee earned is of far more value than five found. I have found that nothing gives as much satisfaction as earning our rewards. In fact, what is gifted or inherited follows the old rule of ‘easy come, easy go’. I guess we only know the value of what we have if we have struggled to earn it.
No one bats a hundred every time. Life has many challenges. You win some, you lose some. You must enjoy winning. But do not let it go to your head. The moment it does, you are already on your way to failure. And if you do encounter failure along the way, treat it as an equally natural phenomenon. Don’t beat yourself for it or any one else for that matter! Accept it.
The importance of humility. Sometimes, when you get so much in life, you really start wondering whether you deserve all of it. Our parents, our teachers & our seniors have done so much for us that we can never repay them. Many people focus on the shortcomings, because obviously no one can be perfect. But it is important to first acknowledge what we have received.
Strive for excellence. One way of achieving excellence is by looking at those better than ourselves. Keep learning what they do differently. Emulate it. But excellence cannot be imposed from the outside. We must also feel the need from within. It must become an obsession.
Never give up in the face of adversity. It comes on you suddenly without warning. You can either succumb to self-pity & wring your hands in despair, or decide to deal with the situation with courage & dignity. Always keep in mind that it is only the test of fire that makes fine steel.
Do not compromise on your values. You must define what your core values are and what you stand for. And these values are not so difficult to define. At the end of the day, it is values that define a person more than the achievements. Do not be tempted by short cuts. The short cut can make you lose your way & end up becoming the longest way to your destination. We must have faith in our own ideas even if everyone tells us that we are wrong. You will win only if you think you can.

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  1. hey, deepak, when i read ur article. wonderful article-deep meaning- the simple and compressed way to impliment in our life, so that our life become more useful and more valuable , not for us, although for all those people around us who cares and love us( might be more than themselfs). Really u observe things from their deep and then analyse them in the right way.


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