Major League Rules for Work.

While baseball & work may seem totally unrelated, there are actually many aspects of the sport that you can apply on the job. Think about it… whether being a player at work or on the field, both require a great deal of hard work & ample dedication; both rely on teams that work well together; & both have solid & talented “All-Stars.”

1. Put yourself through spring training: Everyone needs to sharpen their skills once in a while, especially if you want to be more marketable. Learn a new skill, take a class or become educated about a part of the company you are not already familiar with. The more you can equip yourself with knowledge & skills that are valuable to your company, the more valuable an employee you will be.

2. Step up to the plate: If you really want to wow them in your office, you have to be proactive. The best employees are eager to take on tough assignments, welcome new challenges & are not afraid of hard work. Show your All-Star qualities by volunteering to work on a new project or be ready to help out when it’s crunch time. Doing so will demonstrate your dedication & commitment to the whole team.

3. Don’t be afraid to dive for the ball: In every sport, athletes must take risks to succeed. The workplace is no different. You can play it safe throughout your career, but doing so will not land you on an All-Star roster. Is there a potential customer you have been afraid to approach? Go ahead & make the call. Are you afraid to talk in meetings? Have confidence in your knowledge & ideas & speak up. Even if you fail from time to time, your colleagues will remember you as someone who tried.

4. Back up your teammates: In Major League Baseball, ground balls that roll through the legs of an infielder are almost always picked up by an outfielder who is covering his back. Make sure you back up your colleagues in the same way. While you want to make sure you shine as an individual, real success comes if your whole company is strong.

5. Don’t get discouraged by a strikeout: Some of the country’s greatest baseball players have batting averages of around .300. This means that out of 10 times at bat, they get a hit 3 times. In baseball, you have to learn to take your outs & keep striving for the next base hit. The workplace is the same. You will not always be right, turn in perfect work, give the best answer or make the biggest sale. But real workplace winners learn from mistakes & use challenges to make themselves better.

6. Knock it out of the park: Sometimes, to be the All-Star, you have to hit big. Now, a home run in one office might be different from a home run in another office. But the point is you need to know what it takes to score the big win & do whatever you can to pull it off. Go above & beyond to wow your client at the big presentation. Put in the extra effort to make your customers happy. Run the numbers again to make sure your projections are accurate. Just make sure that, whatever your task at work is, you give it 110 percent, just like a real All-Star.

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  1. Thnks dude, was just looking here and there and came to your blog. Found this article helpful to me in motivating towards my work. Wud like to come back again. Liked the look. Thanks.-Jessica


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