Love Letter In A Trendy Way


Assume an advertising agent has fallen in love. So just have a look at my opps[his] way of writing a love letter to his juliet.
A COOL Love letter
My Dear FAIR & LOVELY (EK TUKUDA CHAND KA), you are my TVS SCOOTY (First Love) & also my AIWA (PURE PASSION). I always BPL (Believe in best) & you are SANSUI(Better than best). You are MC DOWEL’S (Mera number one) love LA OPALA(Made for 1).

I believe in FRESHIYA (Gorapan se jyada khoobsurti ka wada) & you are one of the most beautiful in this world. I think of you day & night when you give me one & only Smile. You are DOMINO’S PIZZA (Delivering a Million of smile per day) for me. This is a COLGATE ENERGY GEL (Seriously fresh) feeling for me.

I would like you should be my life partner. I think you are worried about your Father who is KAWASAKI BAJAJ CALIBER (The unshakable) & also think of my Father who is CEAT (Born tough) but don’t worry I’m also FORD ICON (The Josh Machine) & rest of our family members are KELVINATORS (The coolest ones). If they will say no, we will run away & marry & PHILIPS (Lets make things better). They will feel MIRINDA (Jor ka jatka dhire se laghe) & we COCA COLA (Jo chahe ho Jaye Coca Cola enjoy).

Trust in God who’s always NOKIA (Connecting people) those who love each other. And we are Wills (Made for each Other). After some time, our love will be SAMSUNG DIGITALL (Invited by all).We will be HERO HONDA (Leading the way) of our love life. Then our life is BOLERO (Break free). Now that HYUNDAI (we are listening) the song of love, you must know that love is DAIRY MILK (The real test of life), SATYAM ON LINE (Fun fast easy), PARX (always comfortable) & also AMUL (The real taste of India). For me, HOME TRADE (Life means more). So never forget me.
Ok bye! I wrote little but PEPSI(Ye dil mange More).

LG [Digitally yours] U know who I am……

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  1. Brilliance Almost a work of artor maybe it is and I\’m just not hip enough to get all the references….do people even use hip anymore?


  2. Hey Nisha, thnks for UR visit & comment. I appreciate tht U friends keep the hope alive in me to keep on writing or posting some stuff here. I wish I wud hav been with U at this hr. of the day with U as V used to during exams.


  3. Hi Dk. Your Nisha is back here again on comments area. One another gr8 blast in your blogging area you have made with this funny love letter. So… on that day you were busy writing this letter at home when I called and you said you are busy even when at home:( Hey my darling friend please give some rest to your body which is hardly left. Luv u. Keep it up. No need to say as you will always I know that.


  4. Haha, great love letter. I think either you are a advertising specialist or a guy with a lots of sense of humor that you have made this kind of letter. Wish….. my boyfriend also this much creative. I\’m subscribing to your blog so that your posts keep on coming to me directly. Goodbye Deepak.


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