BenQ LCD Monitor Crazy Arm

Benq Crazy monitor

The 19-inch BenQ Crazy arm LCD Monitor is tailored for the knowledge worker, designer, creative designer and all those who like to work and look sleek while they’re at it. With seven USB slots and an array of tentacle-like accessories in imitation of a jellyfish, users can assemble as needed for visual fun and a unique style that will satisfy today’s innovative designer. The four-beam axle allows for monitor adjustment to any angle, and the stand is collapsible for reduced storage space. The monitor comes with a built in software interface for easy on/off control of USB accessories. The product was met with widespread praise both during domestic demo shows and its first appearance in the CES 2004 in Las Vegas.

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  1. I need it to recognize my impending headaches and typing errors and then offer to make me a double-shot of espresso so I can keep going. Very cool and almost Matrix looking.


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