Credit Card sized upto 2GB USB Drive

It seems to be the new buzz word for anything that is reasonably compact. So much praise and adulation must go to Walletex for being the first manufacturer on the market to produce a product that truly lives up to this name.Credit Card USB

Called the Wallet Flash 1.1, is the slimmest USB drive on the market & it couldn’t come in a more easily stored shape. Rather impressively, sizes will also range from 128MB all the way to 2GB.

Awards are already flooding in too; with the Wallet Flash range recognised by the CES show as a ‘CES Innovations 2006 Design and Engineering Showcase Honouree’ in the Personal Electronics category. In fact, it is about time IT companies started looking at how best to fit their products into our pockets rather than simply reducing accepted industry form factors.

Credit Card USB1

Prices for the Wallet Flash cards have yet to be decided for the entire range, but 128MB, 256MB & 512MB editions will cost just $29, $49 and $89 respectively.

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