Wanna be stable? Stick to job

Charlie Bell began his career flipping burgers at the Kingsford outlet of McDonald’s in Sydney at a age of just 15. He became Australia’s youngest store manager by 19 & made it to the company’s board of directors after 10 years. At 32, he was made the managing director of McDonald’s Australia. In 2004 he was the first non American to be made the CEO of this America-based food chain.

What goes into the making of a stable employee? There are a number of factors responsible for it:

The right break: Getting that right break is the most essential factor. What exactly do we mean by this? It is that job which does justice to your education & your expectations. Individual tastes count here. For 2 different people with same educational qualification, the right break may vary. One person may like to work in a smaller company where he gets more of initial acclaim while another competent person may like to work in a bigger company & work out his way to gain popularity. If a person is able to bag a job in the place of his choice, he stays there. Else his search continues.

The right attitude: An individual’s attitude is the biggest factor for his doings. If he has a positive approach towards things, it makes him see things in a brighter light. He takes the negativities sportingly & keeps working towards changing it for better. He is someone who doesn’t run away from problems but stays there to keep taking corrective actions till things are changed for better. A person who decides to crib on every given chance is bound to be a dissatisfied employee & as such a wanderer who changes organisations given any chance.

Meeting the mentor: Meeting that someone whom you idealise is really important. Being a person who is so good that you find an aim of your life in him is a sheer chance of luck. He is generous enough to share his experiences & ideas, to guide you in that direction which you want to travel on is the best thing that can happen to an employee. A person who finds a supporting mentor in an organisation is a stable employee. He has seen his dream ambition here & has got just the person he wanted to help him make it true, who motivates him to move forward in the right direction.

The emotional quotient: A balanced emotional quotient reached between the superior & the subordinates builds a stronger & a long-lasting bonding. If the boss considers an employee just as a machine who delivers the result & if the employee has a bad word to say on any topic even minutely related to the superior, things can never work out. Both should reach out to each other without any preconceived mindsets & should be ready to help the other party on a full fledged basis. Also, understanding one another’s situation is needed. Selfishness by either party can spoil the working relationship. Organisations which are able to reach this perfect quotient have a stable workforce.

The work culture: The thought of going to the office each day should not make you feel sick. The thought of sheer fulfillment of duties just because it fetches you a cheque at the month-end is not good. Office should mean more than that. If the office has a healthy culture, a place where every employee is given a certain level of space & freedom to express & exchange unedited versions of their thoughts & ideas, would be a place where the employee would look forward to go. The healthy culture would not include any biasness extended towards an individual or a small group & would not nurture dirty politics. A company which holds such culture surely holds back employees for longer durations.

Well defined appraisal system: You might have bagged a mere 5% hike whereas a person in the same department & at the same level as you has managed a 25%, your first reaction will be – “this is not fair”. But if the appraisal system is well defined & transparent it will make you understand where you went wrong. As such in future you would like to improve yourself rather than changing you job with a misconception that the practices in the current office are unfair. The employee will feel that his organisation takes notice of his efforts & as such he will be motivated to put in more effort.

Do some self analysis. If all or nearly all is right in your company & still you are looking for a change, surely there is something wrong with you. Find it out & take measures before it is too late. You want to set an example as Charlie Bell did. Don’t you?

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