First Ever Laser Keyboard!

Virtual Laser Keyboard

Announcing the world’s first commercially available Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard[VKB]! Roughly the size of a disposable lighter, the VKB leverages the power of laser & infrared technology to project a full-size qwerty keyboard onto any flat surface. As you type on the projection, optical recognition detects your keypresses & transfers them to your device, complete with realistic tapping sounds.Has no wires or mechanical/moving parts whatsoever. And the entire device weighs less than two ounces!

This comes with a self-contained, rechargeable lithium ion battery that provides it with an internal power supply, so it doesn’t need to drain any power from your Treo 650. The battery lasts several hours, ample time for emailing, instant messaging, SMS’ing, typing documents or updating your calendar and phone book entries.

Supported Models:

Device Compatibility for VKB usage Operating System
Treo 650
Palm Zire 72
Palm Tungsten T5
SonyEricsson P800/P900,910i
QTek 8080 Smartphone
Orange SPV E200,C500
HP rx3715 (Use HP 5550 Driver)
HP 3800/3900 Series (Use HP 5455 Driver)
HP h2700
HP 6500
Samsung i-730
Nokia 6600,6260,6630,6680,7650,3650
Mio 336
XPlore M68
Motorola MPX220, A1000
Dell Axim X50
Dopod 535 / Qtek 8080 / SPV E200 / Xphone
Dopod 576 / i-mate SP3i / Qtek 8020 / SDA Xphone II
Dopod 585 / Qtek 8100 / SDA Music / Xphone IIm
Laptops / Desktops via BlueTooth
Palm OS5.X
Palm OS4.X
Pocket PC 2002
Pocket PC 2003
Smartphone 2003
Pocket PC 2003
Pocket PC 2003
Win XP, 2000

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