Yahoo trying to compete with Gmail

Today, I came across this newly added feature of calling the sender and sending her IM via the email page only. This is in the context of competition with Gmail which has started providing full-fledge chat in the explorer window.

Let’s see what shape this takes..

4 thoughts on “Yahoo trying to compete with Gmail

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  1. On your blog it says that if you want to try the yahoo mail beta email me. I am just posting a comment hoping that you would reply so that I can try it out.


  2. First, as you read. Email me. And seoncd, when you have posted comment it takes me to a website which is not accessible without some log-information. Then how in the world you want me to reach you.


  3. hey deepak…i would like to try the new hotmail and yahoo mail if i could, please. thanks in advance!


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