DualCor cPC [Mobile computer]

DualCor cPC

Mobile Professionals, Rejoice! Slightly smaller than a VHS tape, this mobile computer has two processors: a 400-megahertz mobile processor for light tasks such as Web surfing and a 1.5-gigahertz laptop chip that runs Windows XP for more intensive jobs like PowerPoint presentations. To conserve battery power, the individual processors don’t run when they’re not in use. Eight to 12 hours of battery life. DualCor cPC $1,500 

5 thoughts on “DualCor cPC [Mobile computer]

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  1. This thing looks awesome. In like 5 years it will be the “PSP of the future”, and we’ll still complain about how obsolete it is.


  2. It is a wonderful and powerful tool for the on-the-go business people. I use it everyday and at every business meeting. I wish I could have found it about 2 years ago.


  3. i have a dualcor cPC need to know what is the volts it uses and where to buy it and get assorries


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