Next generation wireless device

Tomorrow's mobile devices will come in a variety of configurations & designs, but most will share some general characteristics:

High-resolution touchscreen: To display maps, videos, games, & mobility applications, handheld devices will need large, high-quality displays. Touchscreen functionality will give the user interface extra versatility.

Specialized chipsets: A typical processor won't be able to handle all the demands placed on next-generation devices. They'll need specialized chips for audio & video, as well as software-defined radio capabilities to provide access to a wide range of networks & carrier frequencies.

Wireless device

Ample storage: Music libraries & video files are unwieldy. Yet demand for multimedia content will likely dictate that tomorrow's devices come equipped with multigigabyte capacity

Full keyboard: While voice recognition may be used in some circumstances, text will remain the primary way to interact with portable devices. And for text entry, nothing beats the power of a traditional "qwerty" keyboard.

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