Using any browser log into 2 or more Gmail accounts

We are going to use Gmail’s Mail Fetcher to achieve this goal.

(a) Make sure to ENABLE POP in your second Gmail account which will be accessed from the Main Gmail.
(b) If you are an advanced user or if you have tried this feature with no success then jump to 5th point directly.
(c) You can add up to 5 other gmail accounts by repeating these same steps.
(d) If you have too many messages on each of those accounts then it will take a good amount of time for your Main Gmail to retrieve all of messages from other account. For me it took 10 minutes – 144 messages.
(e) You can only retrieve messages from Hotmail, Yahoo to your Gmail, If you are using Paid accounts of those portal mailboxes. As POP3 support is only available to paid accounts.

1. Log into your Main Gmail account [ You will be able to check/view all messages of different accounts from this account ]

2. Click on Settings [ Top right ]

3. Click on Accounts [ Under Settings – Accounts ]
Click Add another mail account [ Also called Google Mail Fetcher ]


4. Enter your second gmail address which you would like to check in the Main Gmail account.


5. Make sure to enter mail settings like this:-
– Email address :
– Username: abc
– Password: ********
– Pop Server:  Port: 995
[ Note: By default Gmail will populate these entries and 995 ]
– Do not check ‘Leave a copy of message on server’ option. Instead forward your second mailbox messages to some another account just in case you want to backup.
– Check ‘Always use SSL’
– Check ‘Label incoming messages’ ………………
– Specify last option as per your choice. And then hit ‘Add Account button’

mailfetcher-account2.gif 6. Gmail will also offer to let you send mail from the new address.


7. Status can also be viewed at Settings – Accounts area like below picture


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  1. hi thank you ur idea has been successfully world
    and it had made me to reduce my burden on checking mails
    thank you


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