Five reasons for having contact page

A blog is a social device – a way for people to share an exchange of ideas and facilitate discussion. At least that’s what I thought until recently, when I was trying to promote an article. I was shocked at the number of blogs that provide exactly zero methods of contacting the owner. None! No email link, no contact form, no nothing. I’m assuming that for most of these people it was just an oversight, something they forgot to do when setting up their blog, but I’m sure that for at least a couple of them this must have been a conscious decision.

Your readers love you, so let them in! Here are the 5 reasons for having contact page (Or some other way for readers to reach you):

1. You don’t want to alienate your readers.
If you have no way to for your readers to contact you, they may begin to feel alienated. One of the main reasons many people visit blogs is to participate and feel connected. If they get a “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” vibe when they visit your site, they may feel less involved and begin to patronize another blog in your niche. If you keep people involved, they will continue to visit indefinitely.

2. So that potential advertisers can contact you.
What if an advertiser stumbles across your blog and thinks it’s a great fit for them to sponsor some ads on? The first thing they’re going to look for is a way to contact you to check your advertising rates. If you haven’t provided any way to get in touch with you, that money you’re never going to see!

3.In case of problems with your site.
This is less important on blogs that are updated daily, but some people don’t visit their blogs as often and may not notice problems right away. If a user notices something funny happening with your blog, but can’t locate any way to let you know about it, the problem is going to go unsolved until you have the time to check in. This may not be too bad with a small formatting bug or the like, but if it’s a major problem your site could be down for days before you notice.

4. Media Exposure
With the mainstream media so infatuaded with blogging recently, there have been many stories written about bloggers and their blogs. If you have no way for the media to contact you, you could be missing out on loads of great, free exposure that could take your blog to the next level.

5. Legal Proceedings
No one thinks that it will ever happen to them, but as blogging becomes more mainstream, I hear about more and more bloggers having legal problems. If you have no way for people to contact you, certain problems that could be avoided by communicating with other parties could be escalated more quickly into legal proceedings.

Via – Idle Profit

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