Three lists for 2011

New Year resolutions are not complete, until we really find out what is working(and not working) with them. We need to focus on things which are bringing us more results or better outcomes in life and for this Tim Sanders suggests to keep these three lists.

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  1. The Stop Doing List: What habits, tendencies or activities are counter-productive?  Create a plan with a deadline, and knock these off first.
  2. The Keep Doing List: What are our greatest hits from 2010? What’s working, and shouldn’t be forgotten?  This is important, because unless you recognize the effective, you might replace it with the novel.
  3. The Start Doing List: These are activities, habits or projects that could add value over the coming year.  Consider this list the end of procrastination or the tool that will help you close the good intentions-accomplishments gap.

After all, when we struggle to express ourselves, we use lists. Lists help us to make sense of the world around us. It’s a simple habit of increasing our day to day productivity. We pack all the madness and ambiguity of life into a structured form of writing. Making lists is a great way to increase our overall happiness and feel less overwhelmed.

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These days, we use lists for productivity as much as anything else: shopping lists, reminders, planning for events, and the to-do list are all variations on a productivity-based list that we use to help us get past procrastinating. The to-do list in particular is one that we spend a lot of time and energy on perfecting. But getting the tasks on our to-do list done is a whole other ball game. How to create a to-do list we can actually complete:

  • Break Projects into Tasks
  • Prioritize Ruthlessly
  • Plan Ahead(for tomorrow)
  • Be Realistic

For me,

  • Stop/Wasting time on maintaining/updating my highly optimized workstation for more speed.
  • Keep/Reading in Google Reader & Blogging.
  • Start/Reading more books than ever, writing a schedule.

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This is how I can increase my personal effectiveness over the year. What about yours?

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