Google Glass: A day of battery life, no plans for incorporating ads, AR isn’t “immediate goal”

There will be a cloud-based API for Project Glass, which Babak Parviz hopes will help to maintain a consistent user experience — it’s already been used to build both the email and calendar functions on Glass.

“Currently, Parviz says that Glass has a touch pad for user control, but the company is still developing voice commands and head gestures for more intuitive control of the device. Google hopes to be able to get a full day of battery life out of Glass.

Though Google is well known for its advertising business, Parviz claims that there are no plans to incorporate advertising into Glass. Additionally, though Parviz says that augmented reality isn’t “our immediate goal for Google Glass, I think in the future that augmented reality will also come into the picture. Augmented reality is exciting when you think about future generations of this type of wearable computing.”

How rapid prototyping was used to create Project Glass

At TEDYouth 2012, Tom Chi explains how Rapid prototyping(is a method used to accelerate the innovation process) was used to create one of Google’s newest inventions, Google Glass.

How do you control Google Glass?

As per latest application for Patent by Google, Glass could be operated by laser keyboard projected onto arm. “Methods and Systems for a Virtual Input Device” gives us one possible answer. By putting a camera on one arm of the glasses, and a laser projector on another arm, to project a virtual keypad/keyboard onto your hand.”

I’ll like to add a little spoiler, patent applications are seldom roadmaps of what will ship, but looking at them as a whole should prove a good indicator of where Project Glass is focusing for R&D.

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  1. this will be very interesting.. and the above features will be just the start.. i believe the simple stuff will be the most useful.  something like telling you what direction your heading (ie North South East West)..   i’d really like to see digital grafiti..  location based messges if you will.. would be great for games group like clubs)


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