From catherine happer at The Conversation

From catherine happer at The Conversation

“At least sci-fi usually includes a small band of dissenters, but with Project Glass all Google seems to inspire is consumer enthusiasm.”

Hat tip to Mike Brooks

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Originally shared by Mike Brooks

What do you think of Google Glass?  Do you think this is the start of a new technology revolution like mobile?  Or do you think it will flop?  Or do you think we’re one step closer to machines taking over the planet?  I am putting in my order for my Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Terminator just in case.

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  1. ditto.. i consider myself a big datawhore and the more realtime access to information the better… and i really like the idea of a product that can take a picture really really fast.. i’ve missed so many opportunities because no way to get phone out, and photo app up quickly enough..


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