Google’s Robotics Push

Google might be planning to have one of the robots hop off an automated Google Car and race to your doorstep to deliver a package.

And the engineer heading the effort is +Andy Rubin, the man who built Google’s +Android software into the world’s dominant force in smartphones.

I’ve always believed that technology should be used to free humans from repetitive tasks. And Robots fit into that type of tasks perfectly.

This is not the first time that Google has strayed beyond the typical confines of a tech company. It has already shaken up the world’s automobile companies with its +Google Self-Driving Car Project. Speculation about Google’s intentions has stretched from fleets of robotic taxis moving people in urban areas to automated delivery systems.

Unlike Google’s futuristic X lab, which does research on things like driverless cars and the wearable Google Glass device, the robotics effort — moonshots aside — is meant to sell products sooner rather than later. It has not yet been decided whether the effort will be a new product group inside Google or a separate subsidiary, Mr. Rubin said.

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