Executing Your Idea Starts With A Small Single Step

Draw Your Success Moment to Storyboard Your Next Career

+Joe Gebbia reckons it’s better to focus on your success moment, draw it out and storyboard the progress from where you are to that moment.

He asked participants to take a piece of paper and write one line on what they want to achieve. Then, he asks them to image the moment it all comes together and draw that ‘success moment’.

The definition of success can be anything from sitting with a huge balance in your bank account to relaxing on a beach—the point is to imagine what success looks like for you. You need to get into the small details of the moment, like who’s with you.

Finally, when you have your ‘one line’ and ‘success moment’ together, look at them and ask yourself what is the one step you can take next to make it happen. Do that.

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