What sets high achievers apart?

The Difference Between High Achievers and the Unsuccessful Is Grit

More than talent or sheer luck, “Grit” is the one quality that sets high achievers apart from everyone else.

Grit is the disposition to pursue very long-term goals with passion and perseverance, sustained over time. So the emphasis is on stamina.
Grit, is consistently “showing up” and persevering despite the obstacles.

To increase your grittiness, there are three main qualities or drivers to cultivate:

  1. Optimism and a growth mindset (versus believing you can’t really change much)—so you can overcome setbacks
  2. Working on things that you really value and are passionate about
  3. Not putting a high value on the costs of working very hard: “Really gritty people are not constantly worried about what they could be doing instead.”

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