Friends, that get close to our heart

Friends Forever

There is something special about friends, that get close to our heart.

Partitions divide countries, friendships find a way

A wonderful story showing how human passion and hope can overcome time and borders.

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In this story, a woman in India reunites her grandfather with his childhood friend (now in Pakistan) following six decades of separation with a little help from Google. Whether you’re in Pakistan or India or simply have a soft spot in your heart for stories of reunited friends. Well, then watch this. This is a reflection of the many stories of reunion. If you find it moving, do share it.

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We are all incredibly fortunate to be living in today’s world where technology is helping us become more human.

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One thought on “Friends, that get close to our heart

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  1. Owwwwwiiii… It’s such a cute video 🙂 🙂

    thank you so much..

    I guess for us it will be our silly chats to read all life.. 😀

    They will end up connecting us any which ways..

    Btw.. Plus one for the Hrithik video 😛


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