Your Voice will be the next User Interface

What If Your Phone Knew What You Wanted Before You Asked?

Instead of waiting to be asked a question, it constantly listens to conversations and serves up information before you ask for it. A service that knows you, anticipates your needs, and can sell you whatever you need to meet those needs, that’s why embedding microphones into your life will enable the next big thing.

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Gadgets of this era know where we are, they know who we’re with, they know the same things that another human being would know if they were in the room with us. That’s why, In long run, these microphones will do much more than accept dictation or product requests – they’ll be set to continuous listening mode and by listening to our daily patterns, they will generate deep insight into who we are and how we like to live our lives.

Voice control is being used to connect what users smartphones hear to buying opportunities or frictionless purchases. It has started by helping users with basic tasks that don’t require financial transactions. But, later it could become such a trusted partner that you would feel comfortable entering your credit card information, the plan is that these could automate purchases. Over a period of time, it could provide a seamless, instantaneous experience for other transactions, as well.

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Instead of opening an app and clicking a button when you want to order food for delivery, for example, you could just ask for it, as though you were speaking to a human assistant.

When you talk about all these new types of devices that don’t have keyboards, that you’re not using when you’re sitting at a desk, and they don’t necessarily even have large displays on them, the only way you can convey detailed information back and forth, really, is voice.

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