Smart Appliances taking over your kitchen

Your home is your heaven. Yet the tasks involved in keeping it clean and functional can seem overwhelming at times. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a little help with the chores?

Not only do these items attract attention for their innovative capabilities, they provide a glimpse into the future of appliances. Thanks to a recent onslaught of smart appliances, home life could get quite a bit easier in the near future. Imagine, if you’re able to activate the dishwasher from your smartphone while you’re at the office!

With technology intersecting just about every area of our lives, here’s a look at new concept, giving us a peek into what cooking in the future may be like.

+WHIRLPOOL‘s vision for the kitchen. Underneath a marble countertop an induction cooktop with smart sensors and embedded displays. The large surface dynamically detects when pots and pans are placed atop it and heats them accordingly. At your fingertips there’s also a control panel that gives access to online recipes, +Pinterest boards, weather, and your +Spotify playlists.

Maybe this is why I like induction cooktop more these days.

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