Google Android is moving on to your wrist

Now that +Android dominates the market share for smartphones, Google threw the tech world a curveball today with its Android Wear platform, a wearable version of Android. This could make all those other smart watches look like they’re standing still.

Introducing Android Wear. Information that moves with you. Useful information when you need it most – at a glance or in a word.

Major functions of Android Wear:
1. Google Now-style “homescreen” with a scrollable list of cards,
2. Notification system that alerts you to information from your smartphone, and
3. Series of contextual tools that pop up during certain activities.

It provides a series of cards with contextual information based on your Google info, like Email, location, browsing history, recent Hangouts chats, flight times, making reservations, sending texts, controlling your music playback, etc. Android Wear watches feature always-on displays, so you’ll always see important info like time, calls, and alerts. You can respond to messages right from your watch, even when your phone isn’t with you.

Also, Wear is aware of your current activities, your location and type of movement. Like in this video, when a user started dancing, watch issued a pop-up offering to identify the song. Doesn’t this look like the future is all upon us all of a sudden.

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