A phone that can adapt as much as we can

Project Ara: building the modular smartphone

Google ATAP’s Project Ara allows you to snap together a smartphone out of individual components, almost like LEGO. The advantage with this design is that you could update components, like a camera or a processor, as they become obsolete; and can be easily swapped out if they became problematic.

When you think about it, smartphones haven’t changed dramatically since long time. Sure, they have gotten faster, more powerful, and thinner. They have far better sound, displays, and cameras. But at the end of the day, we’re all still using our smartphones the same way we did then: by tapping a glass screen. That’s frustrating, because there’s a world of other ways we could interact with our devices, that’s where a project ara fits in.

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Update: 14/07/2014
A Phone is a part of it, Part of it is a phone.

Deconstructing the complexity of a smartphone and refashioning it as a bunch of swappable components which can be slotted together in various custom combinations by the user was clearly not going to be a cake walk.

Will be interesting to see, how will current companies think and react to potentially large platform shifts as opportunities or threats like these and the disruptive effects of this new platform?

We are living in a time when technology is riding high and showing little signs of stopping, and underneath this swell of activity are newer, emergent platforms, which could dramatically alter industries and the profits of corporations who dismiss them.

For a moment in time, resisting new platforms can fit into a corporate strategy. However, over time, companies must constantly ask hard questions and reassess the growth of emergent platforms and not make small moves too late. Often, these platforms can get so big, they turn into unstoppable(ala Android) movements. Mobile, as a platform, is so massive, it has indirectly incapacitated other companies who resist it or who wait too long and these emergent platforms could be just as big.

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If you saw the first video, this new performance push speaks to how much progress the teams at Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group @ Google have achieved.

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I’ve always wondered, why personalization and customization was not used as a differentiating factor to not just survive but also thrive, it seems we’re moving towards that age now. Though, it’ll be a while before we’ll be able to claim an Ara device of our very own, but we’ll be able to customize it when we do.

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