The Droids You’re Looking For

The Droids You’re Looking For

Imagine you’re a guest at a hotel. You realize you forgot to pack a toothbrush, so you call the front desk to have a fresh one sent up. A few minutes later, the room’s phone rings, and a voice alerts you to the arrival of a bellhop. Open the door, and there’s your new toothbrush. But instead of a human bellhop handing it over, there’s a three-foot-tall robot in your doorway.

Meet Botlr(by savioke), a cylindrical machine on wheels, with a basin and a lid on top. It can hold standard room service items like toiletries, water bottles, and newspapers, and find its own way to hotel rooms. It can even ride the elevator.

By scanning as far as 40 feet ahead, Botlr can map its route. Higher-resolution image sensors cue Botlr if unexpected obstacles, such as people or laundry carts on the move, appear within a six-foot radius.

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