Your notifications up to your eyeball for quick interaction

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Your Android notifications up to your eyeball for quick and easy viewing/interaction

Max sent you a WhatsApp message, marycam81 tagged you in a photo, your Lyft has arrived… these are just some of the reasons for pulling out your phone.  You want to know about the things that matter to you, but you don’t want to be distracted by your phone when you could be enjoying the moment.

With notification Sync on Glass, you can see your Android phone app notifications at a glance. You may have already seen this with Android Wear, but now when you put Glass on, you can get the information you need when you need it—all without taking your phone out of your pocket. 

Check out this short video to learn how to set it up. 

Google glass will soon let iPhone users access navigation and text messages

Turn-by-turn directions are pretty useful while you are navigating a new city and they do show off the power of location-based apps on Project Glass.

Google Glass just got better with leap to XE18.1 MyGlass update, and new battery notification. He dribbles down the line, crosses it into the box, and it’s a header! Gooooaaaaaallll. With recent update, you can now follow the World Cup on Glass when you sign up for your notifications on Google Now.

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The Explorer Program has been an exciting ride, and as a result of feedback, Google has picked up the pace on making more improvements. In the last year, they’ve made over a dozen software and several hardware updates. For example, improved battery life by over 20%, voice search 10% faster and brought frames, shades and prescription support. With I/O about to kick off, here are some of the most recent improvements being rolling out.

An easier way to frame your shots, with viewfinder. When you say “ok glass, show the viewfinder” you’ll see white L’s in the four corners of your Glass screen. You can then either take a photo by saying “ok glass, take a picture,” with a wink, or by pushing the camera button.

More Google Now cards, two new ones to remind you where you parked your car and let you know when packages are coming your way.

Better performance, Glass will now start shipping with 2GB of RAM.

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Also from Glass, MaaS360, customers will be able to view lists of managed devices as well as perform actions such as locking or remotely wiping phones. Stay tuned for more to come.

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2 thoughts on “Your notifications up to your eyeball for quick interaction

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  1. Deepak Ravlani We’re glad you’re enjoying the Notification sync feature!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, H. David Shaw. Our team’s working on this, but it’s a bit complicated. It may take us a few months to get it all sorted out. 


  2. Deepak Ravlani and Google Glass  I was really excited to see this BUT now am disappointed.  If I enable notifications it tells me it will disable them on Android Wear.  I know, I might be a bit over connected here, but would like to get notifications on both. 


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