Will Automation make human work obsolete?

Will Automation make human work obsolete?

Robots now build cars and power mechanical diggers and other “dumb” jobs. What will surprise you is how quickly “mechanical minds” are making human brain labor less in demand. Still think robots can’t do your job?

Automation and robotics will eventually take over most of the tasks, especially the labor expensive ones, as computing gets smarter.

Talk of robots making humans obsolete is generally a topic that is still laughed off as science fiction by most, but this video could get you to rethink the future human work.

It lays out a compelling case for why almost half of those currently in the work force could struggle to find work once automation takes over in the near future.

Unlike “the singularity,” in which artificial intelligence takes over the planet in rapid and dramatic fashion, this paints a picture, backed up by statistics and current developments, indicating that the true singularity will occur gradually, with software and automations slowly erasing human jobs before we realize what’s really happening.

The analogy here is the horse and buggy in the 1900s versus the modern day car. The horse, viewed by many historians as one of the central tools aiding the advancement of human society for hundreds of years, is a perfect example of how quickly human workers can and will be rendered obsolete in favor of machine automation.

The usual idea is that The jobs that the robots will leave for humans will be those that require thought and knowledge. But according to this, the machine takeover won’t be limited to physical labor but will permeate areas such legal, medical advice and even creative arts like music, painting and writing. Toward the end, it speculates that up to 45% of the current workforce could disappear due to automation.

The analysis, peppered with examples like the development of Google Self-Driving Car Project and IBM’s Watson, is indeed thought provoking and, in some ways, terrifying. 

This will fundamentally challenge your thinking as to what’s next for these robots? The point is, it’s no more a question of If, but when?

How will we adjust to that change in job availability and skill sets? How best do we prepare ourselves & kids for this future?

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  1. Love the video. I forced my kids to watch in and understand why I make them learn what I make them learn. It is inevitable, but if we know it's coming, we can adapt and find opportunities while others ignore or reject.


  2. To answer the question of when, I somehow don't think it will be happening too soon. Did you see that chart where programmers were at #33, and engineers weren't even there? I'd expect programmers and engineers move into top 10 before worrying about lasting technological unemployment.


  3. I have got it Deepak- counselors. I suggested that we get degrees in machine resource management, human-robot conflict resolution, and psychiatry (offering therapy and prescriptions) for the anxiety! Also, repair and maintenance will be imperative. Well have to integrate them into our legal system and give them rights, advocate for them, defend/educate citizens against robot rage and discrimination. It'll start will an implementation specialist disguised as an educator.


  4. That is a very fundamental mistake we make. It sounds like the fundamentalreason for human existence is to find a job or create something, which isabsurd or fuzzy to understand. It is just that we r looking for answers inthe wrong direction.


  5. All modern Gadgets are nothing but some kind of manifestation of the most sofesticated gadget in the world. The human body. It seems the creation is threatening the creator…


  6. Hmmm. Well, what would you suggest? I love to solve problems, in fact, that's the entire premise of why video games are so popular. Even when there is little or no reward, people still enjoy a good puzzle.


  7. Rajan Gill Man is the best creation of God, if that's the case, machines are the creation of Humans. If we can make them to do our stuff, we should be equally capable of discovering better things for us to focus upon. What do you think?duncan hartley Is that how, you beat them?Carey Brox Exactly my point. Be conscious, be agile, keep learning and exploring new avenues, don't just stand still with same work.Al Su Are you trying to procastinate around it? I hope not.I do agree, that it ain't going to happen tomorrow, but we can't deny that Technology moves at a faster pace, and it builds on itself, causing each change to happen faster than the change before it. Won't you agree?Carey Brox Though, the suggestions you've come up with are good, but don't you think machines are better at fixing themselves than humans. How long until they've picked up these too?You see, where am going with this…Mehul Patel Work comprises around half of our life. We pursue work for various reasons, for some it is interest/passion and for rest(or say most) it is a way to earn money which helps to live life.Yes, finding/doing job is not the primary reason of our existence, but it is definitely something that gives a purpose to our life directly or indirectly.Am hopeful, we'll find a way to overcome it. If we're smart enough to make these, we will have better things to take care of than worry about our own creations.snakeappletree white-lightning-gate A good bit of these will be gone, if you pay attention to the video.


  8. Multidimensional consciousness. Astral projection. Dreamtime. Telepathy. Access to mythic dimensions, the celtic otherworld. There are still a few of us who experience such things as real. Machines and machined people generally don't.


  9. Carey Brox Well, we all are guilty of thinking in the same way, as humans we're conditioned to resist change. Appreciate your views on this.snakeappletree white-lightning-gate This is new to me, thank you for sharing these.


  10. Deepak Ravlani  To know/explore is our natural tendency. If I promise you to provide food/shelter or things you need to survive & expect you to do just nothing, would just sit down for me doing nothing? Never, you will always want to explore. This tendency was the mother of all invention & not the necessity. You don't need automation to survive or a car for that matter. The problem was solved thousands year ago & is already solved in this part of the world for few people. The fundamental mistake is to structure the society based on Economy. That is the wrong way to structure a society. In such society, survival becomes the divine process. This divine process is eating up the planet. With this process in place for last hundreds of years, we are not making any progress as half the population is not getting enough \”food & water\” to just survive. We think Automation as the key thing required for survival but all we need is just the food. This is difficult to explain in just plain words or any language as these words are just sounds for which you are making an assumption.


  11. Mehul Patel Pardon the delayed response. Forgot to reply all together.I like the way you think, but am not sure when did I presume Automation was key to survival, I rather put it as way to progress, rather survive.Do, correct me, If am wrong.


  12. Progress is very much required but not in wrong direction. For 99.99% people of the world, Progress is various applications of Physics/chemistry/Maths. What if you come to know that all elements in chemistry are made from a single element. The Chemistry stops there. If you come to know that all different kinds of energies we studied are just manifestation of single source of energy…then what next? The physics stops there. In our culture this had been realized thousands of years ago. What I m writing here was said by swamy Vivekananda 120 years ago in Chicago, US. In short this things starts when science stops. Our experience is just accumulation of our perception with 5 senses. This 5 senses are not enough, They are deceptive & not reliable. I m talking things which are not in your experience & hence are just stories. .. so going beyond this will be meaningless. Also the first question of ur blog seems to be pointing Automation as key to survival… also the blog video looks at it as threat for people in various skilled job categories. More when we meet…


  13. Mehul Patel There is only one kind of energy? Energy is simply the potential to do work.There's plenty more to physics that we don't know yet.


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