Good things happen when you share

Sharing is Caring.

Inviting the new kid to your lunch table…opening yourself up to new ideas…having the courage to add your thing to the world. It’s “moments of And” like these that move everything forward. 

Should you share what you know & think with others? Of course you should. Doing so will in no way diminish what you have already; in fact, the chances are you will only enrich yourself further. When you share with the spirit of helping others, you develop & grow yourself — this is the power of sharing.

The universe shares its bounty with you unconditionally. Does it look for gratitude or benefits in return? It has shared with you in the natural spirit of sharing to help you and make you happy. By sharing thus, you share as the universe has shared with you. This commonality brings you in the inner circle of the universe.

In fact, you can’t receive without giving. Omanshu Sharma, a naturopath, says that you cannot inhale deeply unless you exhale strongly. This isn’t just a logic that applies to the process of respiration. It is almost a cosmic cyclical law which governs all our transactions. Wealth creators all over the world know that money grows with circulation. This law governs not only the field of wealth but also that of ideas.

One can’t share unless one has. And to have one needs to accumulate. So your accumulation & sharing should form a cycle.

A few years ago, Google had the thought that phones (and stuff that hadn’t even been invented yet like tablets and smart watches) would be way more interesting if everyone was invited to imagine, invent, make, or buy whatever they wanted. So they created Android as an open platform, and put it out there for everyone.

Since then, all kinds of people, companies big and small, folks on Kickstarter, kids in schools, and mad-smart developers have been innovating faster, together, than any one company(read Apple Inc.) ever could. And the best part is…every time someone new joins in, things get more interesting, more unexpected, and more wonderful for all of us.

More ideas and more creators is what gets us all to better ideas faster. Be together. not the same.

I like how, Google is promoting inclusiveness, tolerance and equality through a campaign that is targeted towards an operating system and still giving a subliminal political and marketing message.

It focuses on the positive and the proactive without trashing anybody. And yet in contrast, one cannot help but think of other companies or societies: more closed, proprietary, or more intolerant. This points to the strengths of Android as an platform: more innovation and inclusiveness. And as a company (Google) or a society: more diversity is better and strengthening.

Technology has the power to change the world… to be together, to be one race without prejudgment, let’s hope one day we could understand that we are only a single particle in the infinite.

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