What sets high achievers apart?

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The difference between high achievers and the unsuccessful is Grit.

More than talent or sheer luck, “Grit” is the one quality that sets high achievers apart from everyone else. Grit is the disposition to pursue very long-term goals with passion and perseverance, sustained over time. So the emphasis is on stamina.

Grit, is consistently ‘showing up’ and persevering despite the obstacles.

To increase your grittiness, there are three main qualities or drivers to cultivate:

  1. Optimism and a growth mindset (versus believing you can’t really change much)—so you can overcome setbacks.
  2. Working on things that you really value and are passionate about.
  3. Not putting a high value on the costs of working very hard: “Really gritty people are not constantly worried about what they could be doing instead.”

Executing your Idea starts with a small single step

Joe Gebbia reckons it’s better to focus on your success moment, draw it out and storyboard the progress from where you are to that moment.

Take a piece of paper and write one line on what you want to achieve. Then, visualize the moment and all that comes together and draw that ‘success moment’.

The definition of success can be anything from sitting with a huge balance in your bank account to relaxing on a beach—the point is to imagine what success looks like for you. You need to get into the small details of the moment, like who’s with you.

Finally, when you have your ‘one line’ and ‘success moment’ together, look at it and ask yourself what is the one step you can take next to make it happen. Do that.

Start right now.

Not when you feel ready enough, or next month, or when you think you’ll have more time—just start now.

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make all the difference. And sometimes that small thing is simply a shift in your mindset. The most successful achievers are those with a growth mindset who accept that they don’t have all the answers and skills now but are confident that with hard work and persistence, they’ll be able to in the future (which will lead to success).

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Aspire and Inspire: A very good example of having Grit is, Mary Kom.

An emotional journey of a girl who never gave up hope and rose against circumstances to become the MC Mary Kom that she is, bringing glory to the nation and then starting a new journey to give back to the country, becoming a true example to others.

In the ad, Mary Kom recalls the journey from her childhood to that of a successful, professional boxer. As she narrates the story, the film shows her punching a gunny sack as a child even before she got into boxing. From playing football with boys to running while carrying a child, the young Kom reveals that she had to work harder, being a girl. Encouraged by a coach who invites her to train, she dons the boxing gloves. Winning at the State-level, she wins the support of family, but society still does not approve. Unmindful, she carries on with training, to emerge victorious on the international stage. She had to win, she says, for those who stood by her, and for the country. She explains that her victory had become the beginning of her new journey – of giving back to the country through a Mary Kom Boxing Academy, to create ‘more Mary Koms’. She reveals that this is not just a dream, but her responsibility. Her journey of becoming a global icon and working towards creating future icons is truly inspirational.

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