Cameras worn on our faces, not heads, are going to win

Google Glass as the POV Action Camera

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Few years ago, digital point and shoots from Canon, Nikon and Sony were everywhere. We all quit carrying them once smartphones hit that good-enough sweet spot. Something similar will inevitably happen to another style of camera that’s growing in popularity right now: the POV camera.

Some of them taken Project Glass on a long trail run passing through Muir Woods, shooting hands free pictures and first person video. Some have found it so light and comfortable that it doesn’t bother even after 4 hours. Few have played Ping Pong with glass and shoot more amazing first person video. Others have worn it on a mountain bike through still snowy mountains in Colorado and are thankful not to have broken glass when mud splatters all over it.

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When a live Hangout was done through the Glass of skydivers

And this is where it hit the roof, when a live Hangout done through the glass of skydivers and was shown live to Google I/O attendees.

Google Glass Live demo via Hangout high over San Francisco. This is a raw cut. Just watch, it’s amazing! (Good to watch in full screen 720p)

Watch through Roger Federer’s lens.

Right in time for the French Open, two of the greatest tennis players of all time, Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg, recently took Glass for a spin and shared a new perspective of their game. It’s safe to say that their combined 23 Grand Slam titles will be the most that ever step foot on Google’s tennis courts. 

Wearing Glass will not increase the power of your serves, improve your agility, or add any best-in-the-world-ness to your game.

This is how we’ll shoot action video in the very near future. When our cameras are built into our glass and and goggles, there’s no need to strap one on top of our helmets.

This POV video through Google Glass should bring all new respect for what goes on behind the scenes and what’s it like to TD a show at TWiT. Recorded POV while doing Technical Director duties for last Friday’s episode of Tech News Today.

This is what it’s like to be the TD for the show.

Experience stepping out onto the catwalk through your favorite models’ eyes

The Future of the Fashion Show

Fancy yourself a model, fashion buyer or designer? Talking about exclusive hangouts, the description(Model Cam) in the video gives a hint of what could be Project Glass being utilized in fashion show.

If you’re an Explorer, you’ve probably got one or two photos like this too. Share them here with us in comments with hashtags #handsfree and #throughglass.

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As more glass explorers get more familiar with Glass, early perception reverses and they want to buy more Google stock as quickly as possible, as this is going to be a hit!

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