A question is the most powerful force in the world

A question is the most powerful force in the world, it can take you anywhere.

It can start you on an adventure or spark a connection. See where a question can take you.

What we often miss to realize is, Search is more than just our window onto the world, it is a tool for discovery and connections.

In the future, questions will be more valuable than answers.

Kids are better when they can explore the world following their curiosities freely building what they care to build, rather than being boxed at school repeating and memorizing facts they don’t care for. We need creative, inquisitive, and persistent children to shape our future.

Answers are cheap, Questions are valuable

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Every answer we uncover yields at least two brand new questions. More tools and more answers lead to ever more questions. Thus, even though our knowledge is expanding exponentially, our questions are expanding exponentially faster. In future, the role of humans, at least for a while, will be to ask questions. To ask a great question will be seen as the mark of an educated person. A great question, ironically, produces not only a good answer, but also more good follow-up questions! A good question is worth a million good answers. If answers indeed become a commodity, questions become the new wealth.

Questioning is simply more powerful than answering.

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Free the kids and trust the new generation as they always were and will be the ones that changed the world! Happy Children’s Day. You Have Questions? Just ask.

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