Physical limitations that lead to unique art projects

This artist creates amazing work within physical and special constraints.

Danish designer Sigurd Larsen and Swedish artist Michael Johansson, who both use art to explore the limitations and possibilities of physical objects and spaces. They take used objects and repurpose them into artistic projects. What’s so impressive about their work is that they seek out frames to work within—physical spaces to use as constraints—and makes them used objects fit together inside those areas. Michael describes his work as being almost a game: like real-life Tetris.

He also discusses how restrictions affect his creative process. When a client gives you restrictions, he says, they make a lot of the decisions for you. When Sigurd works on his own projects, the process is a little different: In the free creative process you have to search for the limitations yourself. When Michael chooses his space and objects, he then has to work around those restrictions to create something amazing.

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