80% of time spent in just five apps

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Changing world, one app at a time.

You open up an app, and you open up a possibility and a whole new world is being born. What we really have is intersection between technology and art, you see the world in a different way. An app can do that because it really does open something you didn’t know before.

We all have dozens upon dozens of apps installed on our phones, but how much do you think about all the effort that goes into making sure that they work as well as they do? Developers have to test their software across all sorts of conditions, trying to anticipate what a user might run into. That includes dealing with limited internet connectivity, as an app needs to behave properly whether the connection is fast or slow.

But, most marketers’ are rushing to develop mobile applications while overlooking how consumers are spending a significant portion of their app time with several high-utility apps. On an average, in 2016 consumers in the United States and Britain use 24 apps per month but spend more than 80% of the time in their five most time-consuming apps.

So, marketers need to borrow their way to their customers’ home screens by partnering with the few apps that command the majority of consumers’ mobile prime time. For e.g. Google Maps

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Applications will define the end user’s experience with machine learning

In future, at the application layer there will be two primary classes of applications: net-new apps that are enabled by application intelligence and existing apps that are improved by application intelligence.

In the world of intelligent applications, data will be king, new interfaces will transform applications into cross-platform “macro-services” and the services that can generate the highest-quality data will have an unfair advantage from their data flywheel — more data leading to better models, leading to a better user experience, leading to more users, leading to more data.

Overall, the slowing of growth in app usage points to the end of the app gold rush era and market maturity. It will be harder for new apps to find install bases, which means you’ll see more M&A activity and more VC-backed apps closing up shop when the funds go dry. Ten years from now, the vast majority of applications will be intelligent, and machine learning will be as important as the cloud has been for the last few years. Companies that dive in now and embrace intelligent applications will have a significant competitive advantage in building the most compelling experiences and the most valuable businesses.

The big tech companies behind the app platforms — Google, Apple, and the like — will be looking to find the next developer platform, as the mobile app ecosystem matures. In the running are apps for wearables, bots, and Smart TVs. But the most promising next frontier appears to be Voice tech. — which means we might be looking at another app ecosystem wars between Google and Amazon, thanks to Google Assistant and Alexa and its many add-ons.

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As a part of this apps world, It’s so heart-warming, how a small app touched with a single tap of finger can change lives of people in such a meaningful way. And how apps have changed the way we all interact, learn, entertain, work, and live. It’s time, marketers rethink their app strategy with a stronger focus on engaging users on frequently used third-party apps while not abandoning their apps.

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