Thus far, really liking Google Home

Thus far, really liking Google Home

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Originally shared by Leo Allen

I’ve had a Chromecast since Day 1 but almost never use it because as a Cord Cutter, my device of choice has always been Roku. But, got a Chromecast way back when just to get a feel for them. I primarily use it whenever I travel. Fast forward to now, I have 2 Roku TVs (one family room, one bedroom). The family room Roku TV had the Chromecast plugged in, but I removed some time ago. I plugged it back it in once I got Google Home, for obvious reasons. My go to media server is Plex, and I have it set up as such that my family enjoys Plex far more than cable or satellite, and nearly better than Netflix.

I say all of that to get to this point – my Google Home is on the same network as my Roku TVs. I for one am holding out hope that in the near future, they get added as supported devices. That would be a HUGE step for me and my family!

p.s. – thus far, really liking Google Home! 

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