Google Assistant can track flight prices for you

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Check flight status and plan trips on your smart speaker or display.

Summer is fast approaching in most parts of the world, and there’s a familiar travel planning buzz in the air. Whether you have a destination in mind or are just dreaming about an escape, Google has tools to help you get inspired and research your options so you can book with ease when the time is right. Google Assistant makes it easy to find the travel information you need, from planning an upcoming trip to checking the status of your current reservations, on your Google Nest/Home speakers or displays.

Google Home to give you pricing for flights to and from any cities you want, and it’ll respond telling you what the prices look like for two weeks out. It’ll then ask if you have specific dates in mind. If you say yes and tell it when you’re thinking of traveling, you’ll get an updated price. Google will also then start tracking that route via Google Flights, and you’ll get email notifications if the price goes up or down. For e.g.

  • Hey Google, how much is a roundtrip flight to Toronto?
  • Hey Google, find me flights to Vancouver
  • Hey Google, what is the next flight to Calgary?
  • Hey Google, what is the schedule of flights to Quebec?
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To get personal details of your flight:

To do this:Say “Hey Google,” then:
Get date, time, airline, destination or origin of next upcoming flight“My next flight”
“When is my upcoming flight?”
“What time is my upcoming flight?”
“My next <United> flight”
“My flight to <New York>”
Get on time or delay status“Is my flight on time?”
“Is my British Airways flight delayed?”
Get date, time, airline, destination or origin of upcoming multiple flights Note: You will hear information for your next 3 scheduled flights.“When are my upcoming flights?”
“What times are my flights?”
“My <United> flights”
“My flights in <December>”

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Plan your travel, with help from Google Assistant. The Google Assistant functionality works with the flight search engine Google Flights. You say the place, and Assistant will track the price. Here’s to safe and happy travels!

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  1. Nope. We keep ours in the kitchen, but it easy hears what we are saying in the family by the fireplace. I’d be afraid it would melt !


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