Google Assistant: Beyond searches, a real helper with untapped potential

Google Assistant has a little bit of individuality, It is not a bland assistant like other one’s.

Meet the personality team behind Google Assistant, working to bring a personality that’s friendly, inclusive, and sort of like a quirky, nerdy librarian to the world’s most famous search bar.

The personality team behind Google Assistant decides what it replies if you ask “What’s your favorite color?” or “Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?” The team is tasked with the creation of the personality of Google Assistant. Members of the this team come from Pixar, The Onion, and other creative companies. If only, we had more devices with that sense of humor.

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The Google Assistant personality team does things like teach Google Assistant to sing to you on Valentine’s Day or suggest New Year’s resolutions. They also created Lucky Trivia and Lucky Sports Trivia, multiplayer game shows hosted by Google Assistant. In the game she — Google Assistant has a woman’s voice, may tease you or give you a nickname.

Did you know, when you talk to Google Assistant there are tons of movie references and nerd references, like if you want to talk about Star Trek or Game of Thrones or Star Wars, or whatever, chances are there’s something there for you.

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The first brush with Assistant leaves you with a feeling that it’s a good party trick but nothing too interesting or powerful. However, the more you try different things with it, the more you realize how capable it is and how it’s laying the foundation for a smarter virtual helper, not just a crude search assistant.

Ask Google Home: “What do you think of your new home?” 😉

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5 thoughts on “Google Assistant: Beyond searches, a real helper with untapped potential

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  1. Google Home recognizes both commands. You can’t force it to recognize only one.

    Anyway that’s besides the point – it activates sometimes when the command is not spoken.

    One good example in this post by the editor of Android Police. – I’m quietly watching TV in bed, finishing up National Treasure: Book of Secre…

    They just happen for no reason at all. I also have 2 Echo Dots and they don’t do this at all.


  2. Kenneth Pang Have you tried setting different command for Home and your Android device?

    For e.g. Hey Google for Home and Ok Google for Smartphone.


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