Report: Google Home 6x better than Amazon Echo in 3,000 question test

Report: Google Home 6x better than Amazon Echo in 3,000 question test

Ever wondered which smart assistant is more responsive – Google Home or Amazon Echo? Or maybe you are currently pondering whether to opt for a Google Home or Echo. Well, research indicates if you’re looking to ask you’re smart home speaker a lot of questions, Google Home is far more likely than Echo to answer your searches.

New York digital agency 360i has issued a ringing endorsement for Google’s voice assistant after a comparative test saw it emerge with a clear advantage.

Investigated using 360i’s proprietary software for testing home assistant technologies, the company state that its ‘Voice Search Monitor’ (VSM) software was used to ask both devices same 3,000 questions and to determine which one is better at understanding and replying. They found that the Google Home was “six times more likely to answer questions correctly than Amazon Echo.”

Google Home outperformed Echo 6-to-1 in adequately responding to these questions.

360i attributed this result to the Knowledge Graph software that powers Google Home. With Google Home backed by Google’s extensive search engine(by far the largest and most powerful search engine available on all platforms) and the company’s huge investment in AI over the years this news may come as no surprise.

Essentially, it looks like Google’s history as a search engine company with the best algorithms has paved the way for them to deliver a better experience here. While Amazon has a lot of shopping data, it can’t come close to the amount of data Google has access to.

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