The new coming wave of automation is blind to the color of your collar

The new coming wave of automation is blind to the color of your collar

Kaplan said that in the next decade or two, driverless cars could put many of the more than three million licensed professional drivers around the country out of work. While automation long ago revolutionized the assembly line, advances in big data computing power could soon downsize the traditional white collar workforce as well.

“Even what you think of as advanced professions that require a great deal of specialization and expertise, the vast majority of the work is routine, and it’s those routine tasks which can be now taken over by computers, so that what used to take the work of 20 lawyers may be done by five lawyers, or 20 doctors may be done by five doctors,” Kaplan said.

Maybe even journalists. Now computers are creeping into the reporting field. At The Associated Press, approximately 4,000 corporate earning stories are being written by computers.

The AP uses a program called Wordsmith, created by Automated Insights. “We can generate millions of stories in a matter of minutes or hours,” Automated Insights CEO Robbie Allen said. But Allen downplays the doomsday scenario.

“I believe that our future is going to be much more of a humans and software working together, and to our knowledge nobody’s ever lost a job due to an implementation of Wordsmith,” Allen said. “In fact, most of the time we’re implementing things that previously didn’t exist before.”

“We haven’t eliminated any jobs, and what it’s really done for us is it’s allowed us to give reporters and editors time to do more meaningful work,” said Patterson.

If computers continue to infringe on humans’ territory, what would a mostly jobless population look like?

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