Upgrade your drive with Google Assistant

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Google Assistant Driving Mode

Do you drive with your phone clipped to your air vent? Or your car has the latest built-in infotainment system? No matter what kind of car you own, Google Assistant is ready to make your drive better. Millions of people in more than 12 countries use Google Assistant driving mode every day, by offering  voice-activated help via your Android phone in older cars and helping drivers manage tasks, like answering a call or responding to text messages with minimal distraction.

It is equally important to have your go-to apps handy for your drive, even when you don’t need turn-by-turn navigation. To start driving mode, say

  • Hey Google, let’s Drive or
  • Hey Google, start Driving Mode

(or connect your phone to your car’s Bluetooth) to open the driving mode dashboard, reducing the need to fiddle with your phone while also making sure you stay focused on the road. With glanceable, tappable cards, start your navigation, see who called or texted recently and you’ll be able access listening suggestions from the For You card and access media from Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Audible, iHeartRadio, JioSaavn, Pandora, Podcast Addict, SoundCloud, and many more are available with a single tap — no scrolling required.

You can also launch Assistant Driving Mode from your home screen with a shortcut.
No more relying on voice commands or Bluetooth auto-launch. The shortcut prompt is available from the apps page in Assistant Driving Mode.

This shortcut makes it much easier for drivers to start heading to their destination.

Apart from opening Assistant Driving Mode using a voice command to “start driving” whenever you wanted to swap to a car-friendly UI. This Assistant driving mode prompt to add a shortcut to the home screen shows up, bypassing the need for voice actions altogether.

Google is also introducing a mode to support incoming messages. Simply tell Assistant to

  • ​​Hey Google, turn on auto read

and your phone will read aloud messages as they come in and give you a chance to respond by voice.

Assistant Driving Mode is part of the Google app and will replace the previous Android Auto phone experience on Android 12+. Driving mode will be the primary experience for Android phones going forward and will fully roll out in the next few weeks for Android phones in English (U.S., Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, Singapore and U.K.), German, Spanish (Spain, Mexico), French and Italian.

Stay connected with your Google Assistant on Android Auto

Updates to Android Auto and cars with Google Assistant built-in to help every driver find their way around, stay entertained, and keep in touch.

Whether you have a compatible car – or the Android Auto app – you can have hands-free help while you drive. Google Assistant can help you plan your day, play your favorite playlists, and text while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

Google has several things planned when people plug their phones into a compatible car.

Just like the new Driving Mode, have access to the For You feature with suggestions from Assistant. Just look for the new button in your navigation bar to bring up suggestions based on the apps you have installed.

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Improvements to Android Auto on car displays

For more than 100 million cars compatible with Android Auto on more than 400 models from 40+ brands, including Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Nissan USA, Volkswagen and Volvo Cars bringing help from Google onto your car display via your Android phone.

You’ll now see music, news and podcast recommendations from Google Assistant, and be able to set which app launches whenever Android Auto starts. You’ll even be able to enjoy games from GameSnacks right from the car’s display while you’re parked, waiting for a to-go order or charging your vehicle.

When it’s time to fill up at the gas station, you can now put away your credit card and say,

  • Hey Google, pay for gas

on Android Auto or from your Android phone. Select your pump number and  complete contactless payment with Google Pay. This will be available at over 32,500 gas stations across the U.S. starting with Exxon and Mobil, Conoco, Phillips 66 and 76 stations.

With the Assistant in Android Auto, you can listen to your playlists from apps like Spotify or YouTube Music, and get quick directions from Google Maps or Waze. With this integration, you should be able to use more advanced functions like control external hardware (lights and locks at home, universal remotes, etc.) and set per-account preferences like preferred apps for music. Reserve a parking space with SpotHero or order your favorite handcrafted drink or food from Starbucks Coffee—all from the road.

You can use the Assistant in Android Auto on your car display by connecting your +Android phone to a supported car—or you can use it on your phone screen in any car. And Google is working with auto makers to integrate the Assistant directly into their cars—no phone required.

With the Assistant on your phone, speaker or TV, you can also check your fuel level, lock doors, and more, available on cars from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai USA, Kia Motors America and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

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No matter what car you drive, Google is working hard to make sure you have the help you need from Google Assistant to get things done while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

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  1. Ganie B I would recommend giving it a try once again after few days. Since, it is being rolled out as we speak and updates are mostly staggered.


  2. Neal Jacob I know. I was just checking if the feature to identify songs from other sources aside from Google Home or mini (like Shazam) is available back then.

    Anyway, Deepak Ravlani​ , I just tried again and still doesn’t work here in Canada.


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