Sixty million listings by eBay are available for voice searches on Google Home

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Sixty million listings ranging from tech to home categories are now available for voice searches.

+ebay has released an updated version of its Google Assistant app that lets users start a conversation about an item they want to buy on a smart speaker and then continue the shopping experience on an +Android or iOS smartphone.

Use Google Assistant to access eBay’s breadth of products, by simply saying ‘Ask eBay’ or ‘Talk to eBay’ in order to search for the perfect gift item for you.

Start shopping with a Google Assistant smart speaker and finish on your phone

Say: “Hey Google, ask eBay to find me a — ,” followed by the name of virtually any item, and the eBay action on Google will ask questions to narrow your search before pulling up results. Once you find an item that’s to your liking, the app will ask if it can send the results to your phone.

The eBay Actions on Google is one of the first Google Assistant Action to take advantage of the new feature Google calls multi-surface switching.

Like every other experience driven by conversational AI, the eBay voice app still makes mistakes, but it also has the power to drill down well beyond your initial query. For example, before delivering an answer to a search for wireless headphones, the eBay Action may ask if you want headphones from Bose, Sony, or another brand, whether you want in-ear or over-the-ear headphones, and which color you prefer.

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Results sent to your phone are sent directly to Google Assistant, meaning they will appear anytime you scroll up to see previous Google Assistant interactions or visit the My Activity portion of the Google Assistant app.

What’s it Worth’ function allows shoppers to ask what something is worth on eBay, potentially turning everyday items around the house into cash.

Home Depot Taps Up Google Assistant for Voice Ordering

Home Depot(a top 10 online retailer, generating about $6 billion in digital sales in the last 12 months) has become the latest retailer to team up with Google in the hopes of expanding its digital sales horizon. Other retailers also using Google Assistant include Target and Costco Wholesale.

While Home Depot is one of the most successful retailers in the U.S. currently, it can scarcely afford to fall behind in a growing tool people are using to shop. Indeed, Voice-controlled ordering is shaping up to be an important retail battleground, as customers are focused on convenience and value and look for best-in-class interconnected experiences, especially as the services are expected to grow sharply in terms of consumer use over the next several years. eMarketer estimates 35.6 million Americans will use internet-connected devices to carry out a voice-directed task at least once a month this year, a figure that has more than doubled since this time last year. Google recently scrapped a $10 monthly membership fee for the service in a bid to close that gap.

The Home Depot will now begin selling products on Google Home devices as well as via the Google Express commerce portal online and on mobile.

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The multi-surface shopping experience with Google Assistant appears to be limited to Google’s voice apps today, but such a feature could one day be used for shopping through other visual interfaces, like Chromecast or someday tablets using the Android OS. Multi-surface shopping could also change Google Express, which is Google’s answer to Amazon. Powering discovery via natural language for retail giants sounds like a daunting, but potentially lucrative, challenge.

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