Google Assistant Go: a lightweight version available for all Android phones

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Unlike the standard Google Assistant – commonly available on Android devices – this version caters to owners of low-cost devices that are typically popular in emerging markets and have less RAM.

In the case of Google Assistant Go, this version provides users with most features like ability to use voice commands to make calls, send text messages, check the weather, navigate Maps, play music, and get directions. As well as request general information feedback from Google.

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However, not all features are available in Google Assistant Go. These include reminders, only English language, support for smart home devices and Actions. Expect other languages to be added in due course. Not only are these apps custom designed for low-end hardware, but they’re also designed largely with Android Go Edition in mind. Android Go is Google’s streamlined OS that is designed to work on entry-level mobile devices. Apps are designed to use less memory and storage space, as well as be less data hungry.

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