LG teases 2018 TV range with built-in Google Assistant

LG teases 2018 TV range with built-in Google Assistant

Google Assistant has found a new Home in LG’s OLED and Super UHD TVs.

The Assistant will give viewers voice control over many useful functions. For example, the TV can be turned on, off, or instructed to turn off after the current program ends. Channels and viewing modes can also be changed with voice commands, if you frequently change modes for different types of content viewed through the same HDMI input. Viewers will also have voice-controlled access to information related to the show they’re watching such as identifying its soundtrack or a list of movies featuring one of its actors. Viewers will also be able to interact with their smart home devices by speaking into the TVs remote. LG says that its ThinQ AI TVs will be able to serve as a central smart home hub, too for controlling various LG appliances, and more. LG also says that customers “in certain countries” will have access to Assistant through the TV to control their lights and third-party services.

Viewers don’t have to say “OK Google” to wake up the Assistant on LG’s TVs. Pushing a button on the remote does the trick. However, if you have a Home device, you can use it just as you would the Assistant in the TV to control your set.

CNET reports that LG’s C8 line of OLED screens will be shipping in March with the rest of their 2018 OLED models available in June.

Via – http://www.lgnewsroom.com/2018/01/lg-lays-groundwork-for-tv-of-tomorrow-with-thinq-and-%CE%B1-alpha-processor/

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