How to find your lost phone with Google Assistant

Google Assistant Find My Phone

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If you misplace your phone around the house, the Google Assistant can help you locate it.

Where is your phone right now? Is it in your pocket, on the coffee table, or has it slipped in between the couch cushions? You don’t have to wonder about where your phone is, as long as there’s a Google Nest/Home speaker nearby. Never lose your phone again! Find your phone by asking your Google Assistant to ring or call your phone.

For a lost Android device, the smart speaker will call your phone even if silenced.

  • Hey Google, find/ring my phone
  • Hey Google, where’s my phone

and your Google Assistant will ring your phone, even if it’s set to “Do not disturb” mode. It also uses voice match to make sure it’s ringing your phone and not a different phone in the house. And if, you’ve multiple phones to find, it will call each device before cycling on to the next one.

What you need, your Android phone needs to be:

  • Turned on and signed in to a Google Account
  • Connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi
  • Visible on Google Play
  • Location is turned on
  • Find My Device is turned on. After you sign in to a Google Account on an Android device, Find My Device is on by default.
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Find a lost iPhone even in Silent Mode with the Google Nest/Home speaker

Don’t remember where you put down your iPhone? Use the Google Home to locate it, even if your phone is set to silent and DND enabled.

On iOS through the Google Home app, once users set up critical alerts, they can get “Finding your phone with Assistant” notifications that are accompanied by a custom ringing sound.

To set this up, you’ll need to turn on notifications from the Google Home app > Settings and then Notifications. If you’ve the option, tap Turn on Notifications and then Go to settings. This will take you to the Google Home screen in your iPhone’s Settings app. Tap Notifications and then turn on “Allow Notifications.” To turn on Critical alerts, from the home screen, tap Settings and then Notifications and then General notifications > turn on Critical alerts. After setting up Voice Match. Say,

  • Hey Google, find/ring my iPhone

Now when you tell the Google Nest/Home speaker to find your phone, Google Assistant will send a notification to your iPhone that will make it ring for about 25 seconds. If you’ve registered devices, the Google Home will ask you if you want to ring those first. If you keep saying “No,” it will say, “Let’s try something else.” Then it will then move on to phone numbers associated with your Google Account. When you tell it to ring a number, it will place a standard VoIP call to your phone, regardless of what kind of phone it is.

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This feature works on Nest Smart Displays and speakers.

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