Send information from Nest speaker to your phone

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Your Google Assistant on Google Nest/Home speaker and Hub can send information to your phone and help you learn more about the topic. This includes things like directions, traffic information, and sports standings.

It’s excellent for those instances when you want to read more about something, check again the result later, or share it with someone through an app on your phone.

Send information to your phone. Speaker to phone transfer: Experiences that start with the Assistant on voice-activated Google Nest/Home speakers can be passed off to users’ phones. Need to send a map or complete a transaction using a phone?

After Google Assistant responds to your initial query, say “Hey Google, send this to my phone.”

You can send information on these features to your phone:

  • Calendar information (Hey Google, what’s on my agenda?)
  • Shopping list (Hey Google, what’s on my shopping list?)
  • Weather(Hey Google, what’s the weather in Bengaluru tomorrow)
  • Sports standings and schedules (Hey Google, how is Indian Cricket team doing?)
  • Movies(Hey Google, what movies are playing nearby?)
  • Lists(Hey Google, attractions in Vancouver)
  • Images and photos(Hey Google, pictures of Hrithik Roshan)
  • Translations(Hey Google, How do you say, ‘Nice to meet you’ in French?)
  • Finance information(Hey Google, stock price of Tesla)
  • Directions(Hey Google, how do I get to Walmart?)
  • Traffic information(Hey Google, how long is my work commute?)

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If you’ve notifications and personal results turned on, voice match activated, you’ll see a notification on your Android or iOS phone. Unread notifications remain on your phone for 24 hours.

Available in: US, Canada, UK, Australia, India, Singapore, Germany, and Japan.

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  1. Jim Jensen Are you following this collection for information or the date of that information?

    If you’re clear on this, further argument on this won’t make much sense.


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