Robots could soon become advanced enough to make their own decisions

Robots could soon become advanced enough to make their own decisions

​Robots. They’re here, they’re getting smart, and some, at least, are being outfitted to kill. Should we meatba​gs be worried?

In Inhuman Kind, Motherboard gains exclusive access to a small fleet of US Army bomb disposal robots—the same platforms the military has weaponized—and to a pair of DARPA’s six-foot-tall bipedal humanoid robots. We also meet Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams, renowned physicist Max Tegmark, and others who grapple with the specter of artificial intelligence, killer robots, and a technological precedent forged in the atomic age. It’s a story about the evolving relationship between humans and robots, and what AI in machines bodes for the future of war and the human race.

There are basically two things which grow in parallel as society evolves right, there is the power of our technology and then there’s the wisdom of us humans for how to manage the technology. If technology grows faster than the wisdom it’s kind of like going into kindergarten and giving them a bunch of hand grenades to play with. We have no clue what would happen if we were to ever succeed in making machines that are much smarter than us.

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