IKEA’s smart lights now work with Google Assistant

IKEA TRÅDFRI smart lighting, an affordable IKEA USA lighting option that compares to Philips Hue, now works with Google Assistant and Google Home.

To setup, open up the TRÅDFRI app, head into its settings, find “integrations,” and then choose Google Assistant. Once that is complete, head into the Google Home app, open the side menu and choose Home Control, then hit the blue “+” button to add a new device, scroll until you find “TRÅDFRI – IKEA smart lighting,” and tap it. It’ll then walk you through the steps you need to finish off the connection. You should now see all your lights under the Home Control section.

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With that connection made, you’ll be able say, “Hey Google, turn on my bedroom lights,” through your phone or Google Home units. You can change their nicknames, assign them to specific rooms, and then control them with the usual light commands like turning it on/off, dimming or brightening it, setting the brightness to a certain percentage, etc.

You can buy IKEA TRÅDFRI lights here. Ikea Tradfri line of smart lights needs a hub to operate. There’s an Ikea hub that obviously works with Tradfri bulbs, but you can use a third-party hub like the Philips Hue as well.

Ikea’s TRÅDFRI low-cost devices could become a disruptive force in smart homes. The company already helped to democratize design and lead the way in LED adoption. And, Ikea easily undercuts the popular Philips Hue lineup on price, while still matching them on specs.

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Deako Smart Lighting Announces Collaboration with Google Home

Ok Google, turn off the downstairs lights” as you are walking up your stairs at night. Or, if you’re cooking and your hands are full, say “Ok Google, turn on the kitchen counter lights”.

Deako makes beautiful, touch screen light switches that enable you to control any light in your home from any switch, your phone or your voice. Deako’s switches require no hub or special installation.

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