Google Assistant can help you find a plumber, electrician and other local services

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Google Assistant can help you find local professionals and other local service providers.

Google Assistant has local discovery skills that can help you locate and connect with home services nearby, to find the particular service you’re interested in. To begin your search, on your Android phone, iPhone, or Assistant-enabled speaker, say

  • Hey Google, find me a plumber

Assistant will ask you a couple of follow-up questions like what exactly you need the plumber for (unclogging a drain, installing a faucet, etc.) and confirm the address where you need them. It’ll then give you a list of plumbers with some basic information about each of them. Once you’ve found the one you want to work with, Google Assistant will initiate a call for you.

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Assistant will recommend businesses that have been pre-screened by Google, HomeAdvisor and Porch, so there’s some level of comfort knowing you’re hiring workers in good standing. If you live in a city that doesn’t have pre-screened businesses, Assistant will still recommend nearby results.

Google hasn’t released the full list of categories that Assistant will help, but there will be plumbers, locksmith, electricians, painters, and house cleaners. You should see these results in the United States.

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  1. Paolo Amoroso Early days for Voice tech. Even in English language, there was no second option earlier. With Assistants getting popular in last few years, this is only going to improve, as more users start adopting.


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